Wednesday, November 9, 2011

L'eggo my Legos

It's catalog season. And being a catalog designer, compulsive shopper and all around print design lover (and avid recycler!), I don't mind finding my mailbox crammed full of the endangered beasts.

As a child there was one catalog I revered over all others. Lego.

Legos have to be the perfect toy: colorful, versatile and creatively stimulating. I've watched the blocks transform over the years, from basic cubes to elaborate panels— creating licensed theme parks rather than generic cities. The transition saddens me a bit, but I will forever remain an enthusiast of the plastic bricks.
And now, we have Lego Design by Me, which allows the builder to dream up their own creation. You dream it, design it, and they send you the pieces to build it. It even comes in your own custom box. What a fabulously unique customization service!

I just found out that this service ENDS January 16th, 2012. So take advantage of this limited opportunity! Sit your kids down, sit yourself down and design something completely unique and completely yours.

Order by November 24th to get them by Christmas!
Have fun!

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