Friday, September 2, 2011

In the midst of the mason jar trend (also known as the DIY Vintage Modern Era), a new way to cook has taken form. (I'm totally on board with this—especially if it means I get delicious mini cheesecakes from friendly friends – see image right.)

It's layered foods—particularly of the rainbow variety.

Where do the jars come into play... ... they make the stripes visible! But really, this is a fun trend with any clear container.

It works on Jello, Granola, Salads, Cake, Slushies, even Weddings! Look!—Martha's doing it too!*

Get out your food coloring and get your stripe on!

*There's a beautiful feature in August 2011's Martha of a frozen jello chiffon inspired from the vintage Joys of Jello pamphlets

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  1. Speaking of stripes....