Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Some real winners this month! Making amazing food is even more fun than making mediocre food!! Thanks to my new obsession with Pinterest, I have a whole new way to flag and organize beautiful food.
This salad was amazing. I made it no less than 5 times this month.

After tasting gazpacho for the first time in Spain, and in my summer abundance of cucumbers and tomatoes, I thought I should try making my own gazpacho. It was ok— could've been smoother, but that may have been because, in classic Danny-subsitition-style, I *swapped the almonds out for pistachios.
A Pinterest find! These were a lot of fun to make but ultimately I thought the noodle>sauce>cheese ratio was a little noodle heavy!
Recently, a favorite local bar changed their menu, cutting their list of amazing infused liquors. So I decided to take matters into my own hands! After cucumber, I moved onto basil vodka, ginger rum. I liked the cucumber best!
Yes, I used Tortellini vs. Ravioli here. I don't think it hindered it. Mmmmmm.

It's a week of infusions—though oil s a little messier than liquor! I was at a potluck where someone made watermelon gazpacho which was incredible. I think the watermelon cooled down the acidity of the tomatoes. This was like the salad version of that. *I totally used Feta and it was still amazing.
This was my one big bummer of the month. First off, I don't like frying things ever. And whenever I try cooking eggplant it's a big fat fail. There's two restaurants in town with amazing eggplant napoleon— I think i'll leave it to them.

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