Sunday, May 8, 2011

Vermicompost* on the Rocks

Digging worms is one of the stranger ways I've ever spent a Saturday evening.

But for the sake of my first-ever-compost-bin, dig we did.

In effort to recycle as much as possible and rid garbage of stench in the upcoming humid months, I've decided to try composting with worms. In one of the city's old blue recycling bins (recycling the recycle bin!) I've created a mini maintainable ecosystem.

In layers, it's: leaves, shredded newspaper, worms, soil and food scraps. It really is that simple. DIY with Martha.
*From the Latin word vermi meaning worm. Vermicompost is a matter rich in nutrients.


  1. I love this idea! Any ideas how I might be able to make it work if I live in an apartment? I probably won't have a "back yard" to speak of (at least not one that's mine to do what I want with). Would a sunny back stoop/porch work, or is that too close to the house? How smelly are compost piles? Sorry for all the questions. You've inspired me :)

  2. Kristin - I just purchased this pail off amazon, so I can collect my food scraps prior to disposal. You could definitely use one of these in an apartment, but you'd need a place to dispose of the scraps. One of the benefits of composting is creating this really nutrient rich dirt, so if you don't have need of dirt, or a place for dirt, its a little trickier.
    I also think you'd probably want to keep it out of the sun if possible. If you keep it covered with leaves and dirt the smell shouldn't be too bad (I will soon find out)

    That said, my pal Heather has a similar bucket in her apartment which she empties at her parents house weekly.

  3. If you'd like more composting tips I stumbled across this article in a 2008 issue of This Old House just this evening!,,20232973,00.html