Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's one of those perfect Michigan Spring Days—and as a small miracle, it's also a Saturday. If you're like me, Spring brings on the urge to shop. I spent this beautiful morning frequenting some of my favorite (and some new!) boutique and consignment shops—looking for unique deals, while trying to stay on budget and Recycle!
Left: ART! From Rebel Reclaimed on Fulton. Right: This photo was taken at the Farmer's Market back in 2009. Today there was a banjo player teaching a young boy how to play the wash board. Great moment, great music.

Here's a play-by-play.

Fulton Street Farmer's Market: First official day of the summer market
It's still a little early in the season for locally grown produce. Today at the market there was lots of plants (for those last minute mother's day gifts), as well as meat, cheeses and eggs. What did I buy? Coffee and Soap! Two things off my Meijer's list– Check.

Global Infusions: Fair Trade Goods + amazing teas and spices
What I love about about Global Infusions is the wall of herbs that you measure and weigh yourself, it's very apothecary-esque and reminds me of high school chemistry. If high school chemistry had smelled this delicious perhaps I would have been a science major.

Rock. Paper. Scissors.: Consignment Boutique
Recently opened near Diamond and Cherry, this little shop has some great finds— especially shoes! (though sizing is tricky!) I didn't find any must-haves in my size, but I will definitely be back.

Imagination Creation: Vintage Western?
This shop is hard to describe, it struck me as very cowboys and indians, with a little bit of stoner thrown in. I expected to see handblown glass bongs next to the register, though the dominant feeling is very western. It's a neat space; one of Grand Rapid's live/work studios, but ultimately not my style.

Urban Exchange/Rebel Reclaimed: Stalker Sited on Fulton Street
I'd heard a lot about Urban Exchange and was excited to finally check it out. It's very organized, first by color, than by style and size (which this OCD designer appreciates—coincidently my own closet is organized in the same manner). There's a lot here, and I found a couple nice things, however her prices blew me away. I found a shirt that I actually own, and she had it marked for more than I'm sure I paid for it... new. That said, I didn't bother to even try on the stuff I did like.
If you do stop at the Fulton Street shop, I suggest that your time is better spent in the attached shop, Rebel Reclaimed. I've blogged about Rebel before, but I don't mind doing it again! This might be the most inspiring 10-square feet I've even seen! Every time I'm in here, I want to throw away my house and start over! And I'm not going lie, I also stalk their facebook page from time to time!

Minty Keen: Handmade in Michigan
Also, right downtown, Minty Keen has a lot of eco-friendly, vintage-y type goods. I think the space could be utilized better but there's a lot of great gift ideas here.

One Girls Treasure: For students on a budget!
Right downtown, so I supposed frequented by Kendall and CC students, this consignment shop is much more affordable than Urban Exchange. It's a big place, well organized and not overwhelming. I also like that they date the item with the day it arrived in the store. I found two great pieces today, one of which that had been there only 3 days. Snag!

Anyhow... so great morning spent out and about in Grand Rapids. Found some stuff I needed and some that I'm sure I didn't!

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