Thursday, April 7, 2011

2010 was a big year for Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg was named Time's Person of the Year and the critically acclaimed blockbuster, The Social Network, receives 8 Oscar nominations and wins 3—a movie that the founder of the $50 billion company claims to be widely inaccurate.

I think one of my favorite lines in the film is when one student says "Facebook me" to the co-founder of Facebook. These two 20-something, nothing college students created something more than a website, or even a word*—they created an action.

So what do the crafty, opportunistic sort do when they realize online social networking has replaced quilting bees? They act.

Here are some Etsy entrepreneurs cashing in on the website that Americans spend more time on than any other.**

AND for anyone ready to declare their "like" more permanently, try some ink!

*Both a noun AND a verb!

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