Sunday, April 10, 2011

It always amazes me how the simplest things seem to impress people the most. It's always the shoes that I just wasn't sure about that receive the most compliments, and the designs that seem the most basic that become the favorites.

Take these apples for example. I made these last summer using the wood from my dorm room loft, old square nails my mother had collected and hidden in her desk, acrylic paint, fabric scraps (that I soaked in wood varnish to stiffen and make look dried) and a piece of wire. Just a bunch of scraps that people just love to compliment.
Now granted, you may not have these items laying around your house. But chances are there is a great idea hidden in your clutter. Perhaps you have an old suitcase with a broken clasp or maybe an old globe that still has the Soviet Union on it. It's time to give these items new life—let them start a conversation.

I highly recommend Design*Sponge's DIY projects for inspiration.

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