Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Taste of Cute

I had my first Peep today. And I gotta tell you— they're gross.

I'm not sure what I was expecting, they're just so cute, I thought they'd taste... ...cuter.

Here are some facts about the 'cute' snack:
  • Peeps were introduced in 1953.
  • It takes 6 minutes to make on Peeps chick. Over 5 million Peeps are produced every day.
  • Peeps have a shelf life of two years.
  • One Peep has 28 calories.
  • Peeps are the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy in the United States, beating out even the jelly bean.
Now I'm a fan of marshmallows in general. There's a definite role that they play in foodciety. So I thought I'd see if Peeps could meet the same criteria.

Test 1: S-more
Naturally, microwaved s'mores are never as good as BBQed ones. But this Peep S'more was gooey and the sugar coating transformed well under the heat, mixing with the chocolate. Totally satisfying. Pass.

Test 2: Hot Cocoa
A side-by-side comparison showed that the Peep never really acquired that foamy, creamy consistency we're familiar with from marshmallows. Plus I was hoping for an animated, melting death from the Peep, but it never really happened. Instead it just sort of became a gruesome mess, crumbling till the tail fell off. It was completely unappetizing and tasted like processed sugar rather than chocolate. Fail.
In conclusion, Peeps are cute. But they aren't necessarily food. I will, however, be bringing them to the bonfire this summer—'cause I've got a few more boxes, and I hear they'll be good for another 23 months.

PS. Yes Mom, this was my dinner. And yes, I call it research.

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