Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2 Peas. 1 Pod.

The best thing about April is getting seeds into the ground. It's gardening season—and my seeds have sprung. The first hints of peas and radishes came up this morning.
Using wine corks as a stamp, I've marked their location with these lovely signs. I stole this design from her highness, Martha Stewart.* ( March issue of MS Living) (click to enlarge image)

If you too have baby seedlings popping up in desperate need of labeling, here are some other DIY designs. Vintage Fabric Markers and Twig Plant Markers. (Design*Sponge and Martha Stewart respectively).
Happy Gardening!

*I really feel like if the world didn't already have a Martha I could have filled the void. But as my cards were dealt one generation too late, I'll have to stand back with everyone and pay respect to the queen busy-body.

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