Saturday, April 2, 2011

Epic Battle of the Chain Fried Tuber

You may recall that a few weeks back I sample the new Wendy's Natural Cut Fry and speculated that it may in fact be better than McDonald's fries—the reigning champ in salted-potatoey-goodness.

The results are in....
My guest judge, who we shall call Kristin, and I both agreed that Wendy's shall be crowned champion of fast-food-fry-frying.

(They even look better.)

While Kristin had some lingering nostalgia pulling for McDonald's, TASTE tipped the scale in favor of Wendy's.

I said it before, and I'm sticking by it, the natural cut fries TASTE like potatoes. Insane I know, but for me, having my food not taste like grease or chemicals is a huge plus.

While we know it's not a healthier option, the word natural gives the allusion of healthy and you FEEL healthier eating it. They also seemed to have responded to public criticism and cut back on the sea salt considerably.

Now in interest of full disclosure, I did pick up McDonald's first, and therefore their fries sat a few minutes longer. This may have slanted the score slightly. (Though I did think to bring a cooler to keep the heat in!) (Additional points to McDs for pushing the drive thru through. Wendy's, please look-up the word "fast" in a dictionary.)

It should also be mentioned that we also tried the Big Mac sans meat. HUGE success. Meat is so not necessary on a Big Mac, and in fact, may weaken it as a sandwich. I have ordered this sandwich twice at McDonald's and neither time was I questioned or looked at funny, which leads me to wonder if maybe other people are doing this as well.

In retrospect, to have completed the evening we should have also done a side-by-side comparison of the Frosty vs. McDonald's shake. But perhaps that is a challenge for the sticky summer months approaching.

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