Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Sounds of These Hours*

I'm going to let catalogs be this weeks theme, as another gem hit my mailbox today.

If you're unfamiliar with Anthropologie, it is run by Urban Outfitters and their products include everything from furniture, linens, wallpaper, art, clothes, shoes—an entire lifestyle.

I went to Wikipedia, as I'm apt to do several times a day, and learned that Anthropologie was "founded in 1992 'by a small group of people with a love for making things that inspire the imagination'". As this catalog didn't have a letter stating their vision for the current collection (bummer!), we'll let that act as their overarching philosophy—because I like it.

My one critique is that the font here is squintingly small (oh my god? am I getting old?). But this means it's not about screaming "BUY ME", rather it's about making the viewer fall in love with these images and products so much that they hunt out the details, they go out of their way to purchase them.

The style and spreads of this product line are very different than that of Restoration Hardware. That doesn't mean I can't like them both. They both encourage the unique, one of a kind look. What appeals to me about Anthroplogie is its warmth and personality. It's bright, bold and comfortable with its intentional chaos!

You can browse the catalog here! Again, consider it inspirational window shopping—no credit cards required!

*This is the only copy in this catalog aside from minimal product names and pricing, and even this is somewhat small on the inside front cover. They don't even tell us how to place an order. This doesn't make me like them any less—more probably, which was undoubtedly their goal.

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