Saturday, September 18, 2010

Led Astray by Google

So I was flipping through the new Communication Arts Design Annual this week, when in the packaging awards section there was a candy pictured. The candy was called "Fruity Monkey Poop".

Yes, it was a cool package, but it was an even cooler name, so I set about Googling it so i could share it with you. I mean come on, if I'm lucky enough to discover FRUITY monkey poop, god knows I'm going to share.

Low and behold, it's wasn't candy Google led me to, but a book. When a Sock Monkey Throws Poop, All You Get Hit With is Stuffing: A Life Under This One.

Another interesting name. How do you write a whole book about monkey poop?... I wonder what it's really about... Holy [monkey poop]! The author is from Grand Rapids.

"Straight from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Paris of the Upper Midwest, comes this first collection of 'A Life Under This One' cartoons. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder why you ever opened the book (and how you ever lived without such great bathroom entertainment.) Imagine 'The Far Side' on crack...

I see. I feel like a more complete person having discovered this book exists. Which apparently only furthers my curiosity.... let's continue...

Lacking the foresight to NOT Google "when monkeys throw poop". I ended up at the following page. Where my favorite response is:

"Wouldn't you if you were caged up and had monkeys staring at you all day! They are ticked off! Don't get too close to the cage because they will try and pee on you as well."

Adding "sock" to my google search page lead me here to this self-proclaimed "adorable" sticker.

And lastly, Googling the actually book title, found these less than charming dolls.

Through all this, I never found a site with fruity monkey poop, the candy to share with you. But truthfully, I didn't really care anymore.

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  1. a story for the rapidian, perhaps? *hint-hint*