Monday, September 20, 2010

Dressing my Fruit for Fall

So back to my Comm Arts Design Annual... It's not surprising I was drawn to this series of ads for Calgary's Farmers market. They have all my favorite things—lots of white space, fresh produce and brightly colored yarn. (click image to see larger)

Now I know it seems ridiculous, but fruit cozies are actually a thing. Fruit bruises easily, and sweaters give them protection, especially for the commuter who may be throwing their snack into a backpack unprotected.

"First there was the tea cozy. Then came the cozy for your boiled egg. Next was the cozy for your coffee mug." Read how and why we protect fruit on Classic Elite Yarns and download patterns to make your own.

My good friend Mere actually crocheted several jackets for apples and pears last year. Like everything else she makes, they're adorable, and coordinate with my other accessories. :)

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