Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Label It, Alphabetize it, And Stick it in a Drawer

For this last installment of my catalog-inspired, home furnishings, retailers rants, I was actually inspired by a window display. Luckily the cover of
the store's current catalog depicts exactly the same thing, so I qualified it.

It's the
Fall 2010 Printer's Collection from Pottery Barn.

Now, given the 104 drawer card catalog in my kitchen, we already know that I'm a sucker for old hardware, things with lots of drawers and things that can be labeled and alphabetized.

With this collection, I love the cup pulls, I love the big, blocky wood with it's heavy varnish, especially when it's paired with CB's modern dishes, and I love the incorporation of the typeset letters, as I myself am currently collection a set of these....

You know, what, there's so much I love, click on the image to see the collage enlarged with callouts... (and click again to zoom!)

I'm a little disturbed by the black crows on page 23 but the whole book has a old-school Salem Halloween thing going on, so I guess it works. Overall, total "win" for Pottery Barn!

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