Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's like Scrabble. But Funner*.

So I just saw a man dressed in head to toe yellow walking his dog in the park—and it wasn't rain gear. I tried to take a picture, but in my urgent rush, I muddled the camera settings and ended up with a picture of my window screen. (Yes, I am that creepy girl leaning out her window with a camera). Anyhow—I saw yellow and I was suddenly hit with the urge to play Bananagrams.

If you haven't discovered this game yet, well, it's my pleasure to make the introduction. It's basically speed scrabble but comes in a banana bag. (See? Packaging is everything). I suggest you check it out; it's available online of course, but I've seen at it many bookstores as well. Shop Local!

*Funner is a legal word in the Scrabble Dictionary, and it's worth 9 points.

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