Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Double Down I'm Down With

Like many Americans, I was both fascinated and disgusted when KFC introduced the Double Down* in April. (Ironically, it appeared on the menu the same week I gave up meat—which has been a touch and go battle).

To be fair, the sandwich is supposedly only 540 calories, while a Big Mac comes in at 576, it's more the concept of meat sandwiching meat that weirds me out. Sounds like a greasy, cheesy mess.

But that's all beside the point.

While "reviews" of the sandwich cycled through the news feeds and comedic parodies littered late-night, it was my good friend Mere that found true inspiration in the heart-stopping beast. Meet the stuffed Double Down—hand-crafted finger-lickin' fun. Made from felt and fiberfill, it's a beautiful treat that won't make vegetarians cry.

This isn't Mere's first diet-friendly creation.
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More greasy reading: We Eat the KFC Double Down and Live to Tell About it...
* The Double Down consists of two fried chicken breasts sandwiching a couple slices of bacon, some cheese, and the Colonel's Sauce.

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