Monday, September 25, 2017

Amidst the Crazy: Seen and Admired

I can always tell how busy I am, by how little I blog. And if that's the case, then judging by my neglect of the blog, 2017 has been crazy! 

To make up for it, here are quick hits of a few things I've seen in the past few months that I thought were cool, but never had a chance to share.

WiFi Signals Captured

Designer Luis Hernan captures invisible WiFi Signals usinga creative combination of long exposure photography and an Android app in Digital Ethereal

Shel Silverstein's Adult-Only Primer
Originally partially published in Playboy Magazine, Silverstein's first book was actually a primer for adults. Published in 1968, Uncle Shelby's ABZ Book is full of thinly veiled adult humor and is a little known literary cult classic.

A house that was 3D Printed in 24 Hours
A 400-square-foot home in Russia was "built" in just a day, for just over $10,000. Watch a video of the process here.

This 1955 video on the History of Globe Making
A fascinating look at the painstaking process of molding traditional globes. 

These Villains that Just Need a Hug
From artist Nacho Diaz, a series of "bad guys" being loved by their antagonists.

So even within the hectic day-to-day, there's still time to admire the things happening around us!

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