Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Saving Halloween & Hiding Out at the Clique

When I started freelancing full-time, I thought I'd have all this "free" time to sew and read and cook. Frankly, that hasn't happened. It's been a whirlwind, and I feel like my feet have yet to touch the ground. 

BUT. Halloween did give me incentive to get creative and test my sewing skills, with two costumes I made entirely myself — I didn't even have to rip out any seams!

First up, Wonder Woman, which included designing a top, skirt, armbands, belt and head piece. A super shiny gold spandex for the accessories was the ultimate finishing touch (along with some killer boots from
My second costume needed to be bowling friendly. So I created "camouflage" for my natural environment... Clique Lanes. This included painting the wallpaper pattern onto fabric and then sewing it into a shirt. This was all around fun to make and fun to wear, and was a big hit with the bowling alley patrons.
Halloween will continue to reign as my favorite holiday, and the sewing machine was a great break from the computer. I'm inspired to make an effort to spend more time with needle and thread!

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