Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Memory of a Skeleton

October has arrived. And with it, all things macabre.
Check out these delicately, creepy creations by Caitlin McCormack. I'd love to dub this macabre macramé, but alas, it is actually crocheted.
The artist from South Philadelphia works with thin string and glue to give the impression of bone tissue. McCormack crochets skeletal remains which are bizarrely beautiful, like grotesquely fascinating doilies or lace. She began crocheting these forms after her grandparents passed away. You can read her interview with Make here. 
When she puts the specimens on display, they are remarkably striking—intricate details set against a black background. 
See more of McComack's work at Paradigm Gallery and Studio or follow her on Instagram

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