Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Political Mystery Solved

Election 2016 is less than two months away, and there's some important questions that have yet to be answered.

But FastCo has answered a really important one for use today...
What Pantone color is Donald Trump?

Donald's skin tone is just as questionable as his political policies, but at least the experts are here to help with that first quandary. 

The Pantone gurus say Donald has an orange to brown gradient range including Burnt Orange, Desert Sun, Golden Orange, Autumn Blaze, Orange Rust, and Burnt Ochre.If you blend together all his hues, we're looking at Pantone 16-1449: Gold Flame.

The color Gold Flame suggests "sturdiness, strength, and endurance, in addition to vibrancy and gregariousness." Color theorists may argue that Donald is orange because it matches his personality... it's a brash color that's extroverted and fickle. Paired with his flamboyant golden hair, we're looking at fiery, animated, temperament.

Interested in seeing what The Donald would look like with a more natural skin tone? Buzzfeed's on it, and... it still doesn't quite look human....

Read more about the process of identifying the gold flame on FastCo.
(and don't forget to Vote November 8th).

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