Thursday, July 7, 2016

Good, Clean, Animal Fun

I love good clean fun. I also love animals. 
Recently at the LA Zoo, visitors were treated some little known facts about some of the zoo's animals. 
The elaborate prank was staged by comedian Jeff Wysaski (who goes by "Obvious Plant"). The comedian's has also been known to leave his own title recommendations at bookstores.
I love this kind of humor— no one was hurt, and a good laugh was had. And let's be honest, this probably got more social hits and buzz than any marketing or PR stunt coordinated by the zoo is likely too. That's the thing with marketing, sometimes you can't plan it, but if you're fortunate to capture some attention – embrace it!

I put this one down as a clever prank, worth a good chuckle, no reason to get upset. The signage looks pretty legit- though next time I think I'd shy away from using scotch tape!

Do you also love animal facts? Check out Sad Animals Facts on Instagram. These (true) doodles will intrigue and devastate you. 

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