Saturday, April 16, 2016

Le Bon Appétit

A gorgeous 75 degree day like today, really invites you to get out and enjoy your city. So it was on our wandering exploration of Cherry Hill today that I finally made it to Le Bon Macaron at 951 Cherry Street.  
It wasn't until last year, during our hunting trip to New Orleans, that I learned that macaroons could be adorable as well as tasty. And the confections at Le Bon Macaron are perfection - the suburb balance of crunchy and soft. Enjoyed with a side of Lavender Italian Ice, it was a splendid treat for a summer day. 
Le Bon Macaron is a family owned business, and the Grand Rapids location, which opened in 2015, is actually their second. The first opened in East Lansing in 2010. 
The shop is adorable, and I fell in love instantly. Clean, chic and pink, it was like stepping into a daydream full of tiny treats. The artwork on the wall, which I immediately commented on, is by Grand Rapidian Jasmine Wisz. A watercolor artist who also does custom pet portraits. All of the decor created a lovely ambiance, and really made the beautiful macaroons a centerpiece. 

Having now discovered Le Bon Macaron, it's going to be hard to stay away. I look forward to sampling more of their offerings and also in trying their afternoon tea. In the meantime, I will simply drool over their instagram feed

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