Sunday, April 10, 2016

Election 2016: Candy Coated Candidates

I fall for it. Whenever I'm in the checkout aisle and there's a new M&Ms flavor, I must try it.*

So when I'm given the chance to vote in the M&M election for a new favorite nut flavor...

... yup, I bought them all. Meet our 2016 candidates.
All flavors succeed at pairing well with chocolate and nuts. I don't love spicy chocolate so I lean towards the coffee and honey camps. I ultimately loved the extra dose of sweetness in the honey nut and they got my vote. But I do have to applaud the smoothness of the coffee, it was more like a creamy latte than a bitter coffee.
It's brilliant marketing, which gets them selling three packs of candy rather than one. And yes, I ate them all in one sitting. And since this election is way more pleasant than our current political system, I recommend you all take part, and exercise your right to vote

I mean, let's be honest, add a talking M&M to our current presidential ballot... he'd probably win. 

*Peanut butter still reigns.

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