Thursday, December 3, 2015

Playing a Beautiful Delusion

I realize how impractical the idea of luxury children's toys and designer nurseries is. Yet, when I saw a recent Restoration Hardware (now RH, it seems) baby & child catalog, I became completely enamored. I wanted to crawl into the pages and live there. 

The settings were full of imagination and play. The type of environments I'd want my child to play in. Everything looks so soft — the colors, the fabrics, the lifestyle (no doubt!).

Albeit, it's staged, and it's useless to plan a playroom this pristine, but I still think there's something to it. No iPads, no video games, no big plastic pieces. There's a respect for simplicity combined with imagination. All curated in a manner that appeals to adults, but that kids will dig as well.

I mean, is there an age that cozy and plush doesn't appeal to?

RH may have changed the meaning of pamper with some of their children's creations. I don't foresee a nursery like this in my future, but it'll sure look stunning on a Pinterest board. :)

And if you haven't yet gotten past the idea of a RH baby & child catalog*, know that RH Teen is now a thing too!

*It took me a few minutes to accept that this was a thing

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