Friday, November 27, 2015

PDX: Can't Go Home Again

People in Portland take pride in a lot of things. But one of their strangest points of pride has to be the carpet in the PDX airport.

This is what the carpet looks like.
And people wear it. They tattoo it. They even hashtag it (#pdxcarpet). And... thanks to Rogue Brewing, they can even drink it. The beer is a celebration of PDX being voted "America’s Best Airport" by Travel + Leisure Magazine for 2 years running. 
99% Invisible* did an amazing podcast revealing the buzz around this beloved floor covering (to those of us not from the West Coast and already aware of it's glory). The somewhat outdated geometric pattern (which is actually reminiscent of air traffic control lights) represents arrival home to those returning to Portland.
BUT, by the end of this month, the carpet is expected be entirely removed from the PDX airport. The decision to remove the carpet was made in 2008, before "tweeting your feet" became a tradition. 

So head over to Rogue Brewing to drown your sorrows and reminisce over #pdxcarpet selfies, but first, be sure to stop by for a little something special to carry your beers home in.

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