Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hamburgers, Monkeys and Pacman. (oh my.)

3 things that this OCD designer has an inexplicable fascination with.

And people know that. And when people find these type of things out, you tend to start to accumulate an unintentional collection… I daresay have enough hamburgers in my house to feed an inanimate army.

My ingenious mother, however, is always able to take these ideas to a new level. Maybe you remember Christmas 2013 when she made this set of potholders that when stacked, made a fairly epic hamburger. So in 2014, she topped herself with this awesome Pacman bag. When carried across the body and worn at the hip the right way, it looks like it’s chasing people down the street!

What I love about Pacman (aside from the existence of the game as a whole) is that this simple yellow circle (with a chunk missing), is universally recognizable. I find this bag delightful for it’s simplicity and the automatic smile it illicit — plus it holds a boatload!

That clever lady is currently offering a made-to-order Pacman Bag on her Etsy site — if you want to star in your own game! 

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