Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Going On the Grid

We all know designers have the best taste. That's why the "Designer’s Neighborhood Guide" at is the perfect solution to all your travel uncertainties — now you can be sure you're dining at and visiting "designer-approved" venues no matter where you are!
Created by Hyperakt, a design agency based in Brooklyn, their idea was to share a simple, user-friendly guide of their neighborhoods hidden gems.

Since April, hundreds of creative companies and designers around the world have joined in to represent their own neighborhoods. The site is growing fast — new cities and neighborhoods launch weekly — in fact — Grand Rapids will be launching November 6th! (we made it, we're a cool city!)

The idea is simple, the larger cities have a landing page which breaks their city down into neighborhoods which are curated by local designers. The neighborhood pages highlight everything from dining and bars, to parks and arts, to retail and hospitality – you can sort by category or by map display.

The design is very Pinterest-esque in style, with large visuals, dramatic imagery, and limited text. The layout is quite mobile friendly, so no matter where you are, you'll always know where to go.

To be a city ambassador, you must live in the city and be a designer. They have a call out for dozens more cities to be added. Let's get on this people!

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