Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Walking in Beer

If you're like some of us, the coordination of your wardrobe with the evening's cocktails is crucial to a successful night out*. 

Luckily, major beer brands have been teaming up with shoe companies for years to outfit you for all your drinking endeavors. Here's a few collaborations for Sneakerheads to get drunk over. 
2008 Newcastle/Nike Collab  – Shop on Ebay
2003 Nike/Heineken Collab – Shop on Ebay

I have a hard time, however, visualizing skaterboarders drinking Heineken or Newcastle, so here's a few designs that seem to know their audience a bit more.
2011 Keds/PBR Collab, 2003 Nike/PBR Collab – Shop on Ebay

As it's the golden age of collaborations—and we're celebrating the merging of unrelated industries— I can't help but say "Cheers!" to these.


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