Monday, August 31, 2015

Trying On Some New Shoes

Today I am starting yet another phase of my tenure at Wolverine World Wide.

My new role will be part of the graphic design team for the Heritage Brand group, including Cat Footwear, Sebago, Bates and Harley-Davidson. My focus will be primarily on the Sebago brand, which has produced upscale boat shoes since 1946. The brand has a history of fine craftsmanship and quality and I look forward to being a part of this hand-crafted, artisan lifestyle. 
This change follows Wolverine's decision to close the Cushe footwear brand earlier this summer. I was part of the Cushe team for 3.5 years, and for me it has been a time of immense growth. I was given incredible freedom in my role at Cushe, and I thank each brand leader who trusted me enough with that professional responsibility. 
Wolverine acquired the UK brand in 2009. The smallest brand in the Wolverine portfolio, Cushe celebrated moments. It valued life's journey, kicking back and the pursuit of happiness
When you work as part of a small team you develop a great respect for time, money, resources and the skills of those around you. The Cushe team was a dedicated staff, and I will look back very fondly on my time with them.

If you are a fan of the Cushe brand, you still have time to stock up on your favorites at — most likely at a great deal. 

My schedule will remain the same following my transition to Sebago.***

*Photo by Dan Socie Photography
***3 days a week – except for the 6 weeks leading up to Fall and Spring Conferences (in May and November) when I am full-time at WWW. 

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