Friday, August 14, 2015

My Morning Coffee, Loaded with Custard

I've lived in Grand Rapids (essentially) for 30+ years. So I am amazed and delighted when I discover hidden gems.

Sandy's Donuts had been on my list to check out for a year or so, and I'm really quite disappointed in myself for not stopping sooner! It's everything a donut shop should be — completely old school with black coffee and enamel tables. The smell of fresh baked donuts welcomed me as soon as I stepped out of the car.

Sandy's has been a mainstay on the northwest side (2040 Leonard St.) for generations, with recipes handed down over the years. I couldn't find any formal information on its history, but it's the type of place I dream of having down the block. Someplace I could visit weekly, read the paper and drink my coffee. Looking around the diner, it was obvious that the gentlemen customers had been meeting here for years. The traditions present clearly went beyond the donuts.

For $2.50 I had donut and a large coffee. My eclair was fresh — nice and airy, it was filled with copious amounts of custard. Basically, my perfect donut. 

It feels like sacrilege to say it, but I would be inclined to call these Grand Rapids' best donuts. (Above Van's... and possibly followed by Dart's Donut truck — more research may be required on the subject to formally rank ;) )

Then again, perhaps it would be better for my waistline if I'd never found Sandy's... 

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