Thursday, August 27, 2015

For Science: Tasting the Peace Burger

The guys over at Adweek are living the dream. If I wasn't a vegetarian, this is how I would have spent my lunch hour. 

David and Tanya have accepted Burger King's offer and they've brought the myth to life. It's the first documented union of the Big Mac and the Whopper. Adweek's very own McWhopper (and boy am I inordinately jealous).
The results looked.... precarious. 

My first comment? Well, they didn't follow the recipe.... 

Instead of chastising them for diverting from the plan, I will credit them with taking creative license. However, I think that standing by BK's original burger blueprint would have yielded mightier results. 

In the end, they say don't do it, but I still have faith that starting with fresh ingredients— rather than piecing together disassembled, mashed burger parts— would reveal the genius in Burger King's proposal. 

Needless to say, I choose to keep the dream alive. 

But read about their "foray into forbidden science" and see their recommended burger combos on

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