Wednesday, July 29, 2015

[Finally] Introducing the new

Some of you may recall when I posted this message on my website with the acknowledgment that the site was outdated and the solemn promise to update it within 3 years (before August 24, 2015). 

I know three years is a long time, especially by web standards. I gave myself three years, partly in jest, and partly because I know personal projects tend to get back-burnered. And there's nothing quite like procrastination...

But a deadline is always good, and I was happy (and relieved) to finally push my new site out a whole month before it was overdue*. Complete with a new unique mobile version.**

So this is the new
A site where I can hopefully feature new work in a timely fashion, reveal personal details about myself, and direct traffic to fascinating blog posts such as this one. 

I made the site using Adobe Muse. Which promised to be user-friendly and no-brainer for anyone who knows InDesign. I don't know that I'd justify those claims, but I think it did allow me more freedom than my otherwise outdated HTML skills would support. I also used a template from Muse Frame, which included a variety of scripts and widgets that I wouldn't have been to create on my own. 

Overall, I still found the process to be extremely finicky, and I don't know that I'd recommend Muse to new web designers. Still in search of the ideal web software for me, I have pre-ordered PageCloud, which I hope will be a game-changer, and I intend to implement a mini-relaunch when that becomes available this fall. 

So, feel free to head on over to the new and peruse recent work and my random musings. 

And, as this is a constant work-on-progress and still in testing mode, please let me know if you notice anything alarming!

I'll just be here, designing. Cheers!

*(yeah, yeah, i know it was about four years overdue)
**my old site was built entirely in flash and therefore couldn't be viewed on mobile or a tablet. 

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