Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Plea to the Kremnut

Stumbled across this little creme-filled gem yesterday while in Detroit's Greektown....
Krema opened in February, by the owners of Greektown's Astoria Pastry Shop, at 531 Monroe, just a few doors down Astoria itself. They serve cream-filled and traditional Greek pastries (krema = cream in Greek) AND gelato! I also had what could possibly be the best Chai latte* I've ever had.
What will win you over the second you walk through the door, is the rows of original Kremnuts. Part croissant, part donut, each flavor is filled with a different filling. They're beautiful and intriguing. It's sounds like a variation on the infamous Cronut.

Now, I've never had a cronut (which has been trademarked by Dominique Ansel). The one time I tried, they had sold out hours earlier that morning. Screw getting up early and traipsing across NYC to wait in line, you can have a Kremnut any time in Detroit's Greektown—no line.** The Kremnut is hands-down better than any donut I've had in Grand Rapids.

In short, I would like Krema to be my neighbor. This little Greek Patisserie would definitely fill a void in Grand Rapids.

*I figured out there's fresh pressed gingered infused in their Chai concentrate. I  Ginger. 
**Well not at midnight, when the Rolling Stones concert ends, because Krema closes at 11pm.

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