Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Reliquishing the Impulse

On a recent trip to World Market, these "unnecessary" items* found their way home with me.

While certainly none of these items broke the bank, none of them offered any ROI aside from self-indulgent, curiosity satisfaction.

When it comes to impulse purchases, packaging can often win me over.** But only in terms of grabbing my attention and initiating an initial purchase – the product still has to deliver on taste and value. 

Un-intimidating price points are definitely key to nailing an impulse sale, but something else that World Market does really well is create an aura of authenticity, uniqueness and worldliness. It's like finding an undiscovered treasure.***

Every time I go in there, I sort of feel like I've been tricked into buying something that looks Peruvian but is really crap manufactured in China. This awareness often leads me straight to the food aisles... which is where I unburied this haul. Let's see how my treasure fared... 

Ginger People's Ginger Syrup. I may be biased towards ginger, but this is a pretty stellar product. It works to liven up pancakes, but I've also been putting it in my coffee and tea, and it has a gingery-honey effect that is absolutely pleasant. 

WM Banana Chocolate Spread. This is a Goober Grape throwback for me. Except it's for adults and awesome. I'm not sure exactly what you're supposed to spread this on, but I've decided sandwiched between two windmill cookies is best. It also turns toast into dessert. The only thing that makes me nervous, is what's in this that makes refrigeration not required? 

Fentiman's Sodas. Both the Dandelion & Burdock and the Curiosity Cola were full of exciting flavors— cola with hints of anise and ginger with a fruity lightness, not sugary and strong. 

All three of my recent impulse purchases from World Market proved themselves recommendable. Even if they are all frivolity loaded with sugar.

*Are there ever "necessary" purchases to be made at World Market? 
** And the word "Ginger" will ALWAYS win my over.
***That is mass-produced and sold in similar World Markets all over the country.  

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