Saturday, March 21, 2015

There's a Gadget for That

Meet Zoku, is the Ikea of housewares. Their family* of design led products  began with the question, what if we could make Popsicles freeze faster? This quandary led to the quick pop maker, a unit you freeze the day before you want a Popsicle, in order to get one "instantly".

Since then, the products have evolved, but not really the concept. The Zoku Slushie Maker is based on a frozen inner core. You pour cold liquid into the already frozen core, stir for ten minutes and it will turn to a  slushie.
If you're looking for a refreshing snack now, this is not the gadget for you. This is for someone who wants a refreshing snack in... like 15 minutes. And who's patient enough to remember to stir it every 1-2 minutes (which I have not been... and it just freezes from the outside, leaving a liquid middle)

While the science behind this is kind of cool, in that this works little a mini ice cream maker, there's some fundamental flaws. Specifically, in the amount of planning ahead this requires. Aside from the stirring/freezing time, the inner core must be frozen from 6-18 hours in advance. So I have to think yesterday, that maybe I'll want a slushie today. I don't call that instant.

Additionally, you can only make one. This is clearly snack to be enjoyed privately. 

With my Bella Rocket blender, I can throw a few ice cubes in with whatever liquid/fruit/yogurt/whatever I want, and I have a Slushie or smoothie in under a minute. And I can easily make enough to share. 

All that said, I was on a mission to make Frozen "hot" Chocolate. And it actually took me a few tries...
Attempt #1 failed because I added Bailey's to it... forgetting the basic science of alcohol not freezing...
Attempt #2 I didn't let my hot chocolate cool first. And after 45 minutes, I still had liquid.
Attempt #3 I used chocolate milk (duh.)
But seeing as they look so tasty... And I'm an easy target for good design, I'm still interested in trying more recipes. When I find the perfect science, I'll report back. 

*Zoku means family in Japanese.

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