Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Burger of the Week #203

This burger doesn't tempt me, or make me envious, it just makes me angry. There's so much ostentatious assholeness going on here. A $1700 hamburger? You do know you'll be hungry again tomorrow... just like any other hamburger?
The Glamburger is from Honky Tonk, and American Fare diner in London. It's contents include: a Wagyu Beef and venison patty, black truffle brie, Iranian saffron poached lobster, bacon covered in maple syrup, smoked duck egg covered in edible gold, Beluga caviar, matcha mayonnaise, and a bun swimming in gold leaves. Topped with shaved white truffle and a mango champagne jus. 

 It doesn't even sound good. Which makes me even more angry.

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