Sunday, February 1, 2015

Dressing for our Friends

LA fashion photographer, Viktorija Pashuta has transformed the qualities and usability functions of each social platform into human characters, in What if Guys were Social Icons.
Pashuta has personified the icons that we see everyday when we log into our social media accounts. As a regular source of communication, he believes these these networks come alive as we use them. Portrayed through fashion, each social network in his photo series has its own character and style. Facebook is depicted as casual, Twitter as classic, Pinterest as creative, Linkedin as business, Instagram as vintage, Flickr as artsy, Tumblr as hip and Google+ as innovative.
This series was Part II, following What if Girls were Internet Browsers, where the same concept was applied to women and browser icons. "We see Internet browsers icons every day and looking at my desktop screen I came up with the inspirations to glamorize boring icons and bring them to life in a form of beautiful fashionable girls," Pashuta wrote. 
Internet Explorer is flashy, Firefox sexy, Opera elegant, Chrome utilitarian and Safari - trendy/hip. 

I find these depictions inspired, amusing, and overall pretty accurate.They all just look so shiny, like the bouncy little icons on my applications dock.

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