Sunday, February 22, 2015

Candy for Adults

For those of us who choose to hibernate during winter months, we can get through cold days by satisfying our sweet tooth with homemade imitations of the childhood foods we crave.

I fattened myself up the last few weekends with two very successful recipes— Homemade Snickers Bars and S'mores Bites. Using ingredients that I had on hand (it's true... I may keep more in the house than most! However, I did substitute the peanuts in the Snickers with almonds and pecans, because that's what I had) I was able to, quite quickly make some sugar-filled knock-offs.
Look at all that preservative-filled sugar! The basis for the Snickers bars, these cavity instigators are delightfully rich, and they lack that lingering, chemically after-taste of pre-packaged candy bars.
The s'mores were wickedly delicious and it was so hard to stop eating them (much like real campfire s'mores!) The marshmallow stayed soft and and the chocolate relatively melted. The trick is to cook the crust thoroughly to make popping them out of the muffin trays easier (I did both mini and regular sized in silicon trays – the minis are great for sharing, the larger great for gorging...)
Both of these are recipes that I will totally visit again. Each took about 30 minutes and tasted just as a good a few days later. 

It's one of the great things about being a grown-up—our candy is more "sophisticated" and we're allowed to eat as much of it as we want! And I recommend eating it all!

*Recipes: Homemade Snickers from Imperial Sugar / S'more Bites from the First Year Blog

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