Monday, January 19, 2015

Ireland: Done and Done!

It's a big day at my house. My Ireland book has arrived! Which means I'm currently up to date on my travel books. I know that sounds silly, but it really is a big deal and a huge item crossed off!

Putting travel books together is almost as big of a deal as the trip itself! It's a chance to reflect and remember the enormity of the places we'd been, and the things we'd seen.
The process becomes obsessive and all encompassing, swallowing up a week or two of my life (at minimum!). There's usually 1000+ pictures to sort through. I know the stress, anxiety and effort is self-inflicted and unnecessary, but it's part of my travel process. I end up learning more about the places I'm visiting, after I've been there and returned home.

I design my books in Adobe InDesign and use's Pdf to Book feature to have them printed. The results, and customer service, are consistent and satisfactory, plus wonderfully priced.

With no international trips planned this year, and it being the 10th anniversary of my graduation from college, I'm toying with the idea of undertaking an even bigger photo project... sorting all four years of photos and putting them into one book. This being a mix of digital and film, it shall be an interesting endeavor... we'll see what actually comes of it. 

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