Monday, December 29, 2014

Slipper's that are the Cat's Meow

I'm so pleased with these! I made these as part of a Crazy Cat Lady Gift Set for a Christmas present, and I think they turned out adorable!
Now let's be honest, ScrappyLynn actually made them, but I dreamt them up, designed them and helped with production. These Cat Slippers are not unlike the scuff slippers we make for Etsy. Actually, they're exactly like that, but with dimensional ears and a face!
ScrappyLynn might be offering them as part of her Slipper collection next year. Possibly different animals as custom order options. Custom, made to order — because of size/stocking difficulties. We're thinking frogs, cats, monkeys, raccoons and foxes. Look for them in the near future and/or get your requests in now!

1 comment :

  1. Now those are pleasant bunch of slippers, comfortable, handy, and worth having and storing. I believe you have to check those things off closely and really take good note of the amount of supply you still got, because that can spell out everything you need to know, like about where the stuff is at in the market exactly. Anyway, thanks for sharing that! More power to you!

    Herman Thompson @ AccountAbility Plus