Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Unburying History

It's the week of Halloween, and all the reference to ghost and ghouls has me thinking about Grand Rapids' ghosts. More accurately, Grand Rapids' history.

Back in September, I went on a tour of Fulton Street Cemetery. The tour was put on by the Grand Rapids Historical Society and led by Tom Dilley. Not unlike the tour I took in 2012 of Oak Hill Cemetery.

Fulton Street Cemetery is the city's oldest cemetery and sits at Eastern and Fulton, at what was originally the Eastern boundary of the city. The tours draw a considerably large crowd and reveal fascinating stories about some of the city's oldest residents. 

It was an amazing day for a stroll and Dilley amazes the crowd with his knowledge of Grand Rapids notables, including, at this cemetery, John Ball.  

To learn more about the city through it's cemeteries, check out the Art of Memory, written by Dilley himself. The GR Historical Society will most likely do more tours next summer, I highly advise checking one out!

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