Monday, October 20, 2014

The Majestic Westside

Why don't people talk about how pretty Oregon is?
I was there a few weeks ago for a Cushe photoshoot, and every shot was stunning, every angle was jaw-dropping and every turn was unexpected.
We started our journey in Bend, Oregon, where we got to experience Oregon's rugged side and dramatic terrain. Bend is a hub for outdoor adventurers, and while my job had me behind the camera arranging shoes and positioning props, I did get a chance to try paddle-boarding for the first time. And what a scene it was.

Devil's Lake, Bend, Oregon 
The road then took us through the Mount Hood National Forest, into Portland and on to the coast. And while the weather was less than ideal, the shots were striking and the lighting magical.

Shorty's beach near Manzanita, Oregon
Even though I'd been to Oregon twice as a kid, I was blown away by it's theatrical beauty. It's amazing how you notice different angles and viewpoints when you become an adult.
I'm thankful not only that I love my job, but also that it gives me the opportunity to go to these places.

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