Friday, October 3, 2014

Make an #ArtPrize Visit

If you're heading out to ArtPrize this weekend, be sure to stop by  First Community Bank at 60 Monroe Center to see Jenny Lynn's 2014 ArtPrize piece Rust Belt.
Rust Belt is a small textile piece that illustrate population declines in large US cities from 1950-2010. Each black and white square represents the population of a major US city in 1950. The rust colored inset is their population in 2010. Using US Census data, the top 100 US cities in 1950 were compared to their 2010 populations. Of the 47 cities which saw declines, this piece depicts the 25 cities with the largest percentage of decline.

Rust Belt is showing at First Community Bank at 60 Monroe Center at the corner of Ottawa. Vote for Rust Belt using code #57195.

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