Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall: Summer's Parting Gift

There's no denying it's Fall. It's hard to say goodbye to Summer, especially knowing what's coming, but perfect Fall days make it a little easier—they're like Summer's parting gifts.

We had ourselves an exceptionally Fall Fall day at Fallasburg Festival in Lowell a few weeks ago. A beautiful day of of crafts, shopping, cider, dumplings, chili and sweet annie.

Sweet Annie is something I've only ever come across at Fallasburg Festival. It's a plant that has tiny yellow, dusty flowers and smells potently of.... a sage like scent. According to it is an "annual herb, native to southeastern Europe, northern Africa, and Iran, is a favorite of crafters in this country for its versatility and sweet, lingering fragrance."
People go to Fallasburg specifically to get sweet annie. Why we've seen it no where else is a mystery as they couldn't make bunches fast enough to sell!

Personally though, I go to Fallasburg for the cider and the crafts. And this years artisans were stand-out fantastic. Nothing inspires me to shop more, than a unique, well-done, handmade item. Now if only I had the foresight to Christmas shop for others rather than treat myself!

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