Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mashed Potatoes and.... Cabbage?

There are a few things this blogger loves (you know, aside from hamburgers). Potatoes and Cole Slaw.

Potatoes are a magic (versatile) food and Cole Slaw is basically free (delicious) calories. And now I've discovered a way to combine the two: Irish Colcannon, a mashed potato dish served with either kale or cabbage.
There's a million and a half variations on this dish but the the recipe I used was taken from a Grand Rapids Press article. The cheat approach of using a packaged slaw mix makes this a really easy dish.

I'm delighted to have a new, "healthy" way to eat potatoes! And it really would be perfect for St. Patty's Day > the vegetarian substitute for corned beef hash! Follow the Recipe Link here.

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