Monday, September 8, 2014

Burger of the Week #177

Back in my carnivore days, my favorite burger could be found at, coincidentally the same place that serves one of my favorite veggie burgers: The Cottage Bar on LaGrave Ave.

An Grand Rapids icon since 1927, I'm not the only one having a love affair with the Cottage Bar and their burgers. USA Today named it the Best Burger in Michigan.

According to Jaye Beeler, food writer with
"A meat cleaver door handle opens to the Cottage Bar and Restaurant, an 83-year-old Grand Rapids institution that crafts old-school hamburgers. Despite the lip-smacking virtues of the specialty burgers — Traverse City cherry, Alaskan salmon, Tijuana guacamole — the Cottage Burger, nestled in a rye bun and dripping with American and Swiss cheese, chopped olives, lettuce, tomato and hand-crafted smoky mayonnaise, is the showstopper."

These days i eat the black bean burger (with swiss) but it used to be the Cottage Burger with Pineapple, Onions and BBQ sauce added! Thinking about is enough to make a girl question all her beliefs!

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