Friday, August 29, 2014

Ice Cream Winning

It wasn't that long ago that it was fairly difficult to find ice cream in downtown Grand Rapids (in desperate times, Local Mocha does serve Hudsonville Ice Cream by the scoop, FYI!)

Then last summer GR was inundated with weighable yogurt: Spoonlickers, Sweet-Yos, Scoops. But I've always preferred the creamy purity of ice cream to yogurt and toppings, which when proper restraint isn't shown, just taste like expensive cavities.
But my whines have been heard and my pleas have been fulfilled! This summer, real, handmade, creamy ice cream is available all over the city. Love's (downtown market), Pinkie's (Wealthy Street), and the heart stoppingly good Furniture City Creamery (Cherry Street).

My first visit to Furniture City Creamery this week,was beyond what this avid ice cream maker/eater could even set as expectations! The flavors were unreal, dead-on and totally vegan (how are they doing this???). I left with Raspberry-Basil (refreshing and bright) and Molasses Cookie (creamiest cookie ever!). Not sampling the entire case of ice cream and/or buying out their selection of baked goods was a show of significant self-control.

The place is adorable, the style is precise, the logo is clever and the people were cheerful and accommodating (both the staff and the other patrons). I honestly cannot wait to become a regular here! 

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