Thursday, July 10, 2014

Shoppin' for Flowers

Look out Vera Bradley, English fashion designer Cath Kidston is sneaking around Europe, filling the shelves with her nostalgic floral prints and adorable homegoods.
Fighting the crowds along the busy shopping corridor of Grafton Street in Dublin, we spotted a Cath Kidston store when we paused momentarily for street performers. Drawn in by the pretty colors and soft patterns, I turned to Kelly and asked, "What's a Cath Kidston?". (Or more importantly, why had I never heard of it?)
Cath Kidston is not a new brand, in 1993, Kidston began selling vintage patterns she remembered from her childhood. Her modern spin on traditional English country patterns gathered a cult following and the product line expanded. There's something mildly girl, yet pleasantly sophisticated about her prints and wares. This self-proclaimed, modern-vintage girl approved immediately.
The collections are primarily sold in the UK, Asia and online, which may forgive this American's unfamiliarity. Though I feel the line would sell strongly in the US, offering a youthful alternative to Bradley, who's patterns often strike me as mature. 
Moments after leaving the store, I notice two young girls with Kidston backpacks meandering down the street.  So keep an eye out—wouldn't be surprised to see Kidston labels walking around Grand Rapids sometime soon.

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