Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mike & Ike: Together Again. And Looking Quite Different.

In case you missed it (and were worried)...
Mike & Ike are back together.
And have been for some time it would seem.
The break-up of Mike & Ike two years ago, due to creative differences, shock the candy world quite hard. I first noticed the sugar-coated divorce while standing in the check-out lane at the Meijer. My first thought was that a child had gotten loose with a Sharpie. But no, we were supposed to pick our candy based on whose side we were on.

Oh, marketers.
The fictional split, which included wide-spread billboards and a vast social media campaign, increased the sales of Just Born's Mike & Ike by 7.2% in 2012.
And just in time to cash in a second time, the candy duo  reunited. This happy news I received while standing in the check-out lane at the Meijer, when the packaging above shouted it out at me.

It would seem that their reconciliation came with a rebrand. Personally, I would have favored a throwback, retro-style packaging, vs. the bad fruity arcade stylization they ended up with (is that PacMan fruit I see??)

But as they are heading into the next phase of their relationship, I can understand why harkening back to their (apparently somewhat rocky) past would seem unwise. So I will accept the new look, and simply wish the duo best wishes and many happy returns on their joyful news!


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