Wednesday, January 8, 2014

BIg Wigs for 'Little People'

A new trend is bringing back an '80s fad...totally rad wigs... for your baby!
Originally called "Little People", Cabbage Patch Kids were created in 1978 and during the 1980s became one of the largest toy franchises in America. You could adopt your new baby at Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia

Today, Cabbage Patch Kids are owned by JAKKS Pacific. Last year, to celebrate the kids' 35th birthday, JAKKS Pacific released a limited edition Vintage Kids range. These dolls were scented with baby powder and more true in look to the original dolls.
So it would seem, that as the children of '80s are now having babies, they've decided to be a little bit creepy... and turn their adorable new child into their favorite old toy.
Never having had a Cabbage Patch Kid, I'd rather dress my baby up like a turtle. But for those of you feeling nostalgic for your childhood toy, you can outfit your baby with wigs from Melondipity or from artists on Etsy.

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